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"I Wish I was a Potato"

Our Potato Story 

Our story begins with my brother and I wanting to introduce comfort food that is new and fresh to celebrate the diversity of cultures in our community. As we were brainstorming in the basement (where all great ideas come from), my brother shouts “potatoes” and continues to say “I wish I was a potato” we both looked at each other and I asked why potatoes? he said “well who doesn’t love potatoes and it goes with everything” BOOM!! we got to experimenting with different toppings and sauces. Fast forward a few years later ( as good things take time) we now present to you, Potato Bar!  

First Time in Canada

Customized potato

Locally farmed potato’s smoked in our traditional smokers to perfection, loaded with your choice of flavourful toppings made in-house to change your mind about comfort food. Visit us for an experience of comfort, taste and social vibes. The first Potato Bar in Canada!

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This place was amazing. Their service is top tier and their food is even better. Their tater tot poutine was to die for. If you’re a big meat eater, I recommend the potato dog. Their atmosphere is very unique with fun little sayings all over. I wish I could give this place more than 5 stars. MUST try 😋

This was the yummiest food i have ever eaten so flavourful and delicious it smells amazing it’s so filling, it was our first time and they were so nice and helped us choose the Nashville chick sooo yummy 100/10 craving a loaded potato look and travel no further

The customizable tater tots option is *chefs kiss*. And I’ve also tried the Nashville chicken which is good as well. Even better, the people in there and the service they provide is great. Good vibes and good food. Couldn’t ask for more.

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